technologist, entrepreneur, visionary, programmer

I’m a Third Culture entrepreneur and software developer with a passion for technology and travel. Born in Los Angeles, California, I had a multi-national childhood. Transplanted to Finland, Germany and Stone Mountain (Atlanta, GA), I graduated from USC (University of Southern California) with a degree in Computer Science. After 10+ years of freelance consulting and programming, I co-founded SiteForce AG eBusiness Solutions in 1999-2014 in Munich (München), Germany.

The past few years I worked as a CTO/external CTO for a few startups: (happitz – http://www.happitz.com (health app), Tappla – (http://www.tappla.com) (AppleTV App as a service), and Volunteer Vision (http://www.volunteer-vision.com (eMentoring Service Provider)).

I am currently CTO of (Carfax Europe) after a stint as a manager for (MAN Truck & Bus AG) (VW subsidiary) where I helped them setup a new department for Agile Software Development & Digitalisation.